5 Cybersecurity Trends You Should Be Prepared for in 2022 and Beyond

5 Cybersecurity Trends You Should Be Prepared for in 2022 and Beyond

One of the trending topics in today’s landscape is cybersecurity. The Trend Micro survey revealed that 83% of its respondents forecast a great likelihood of cyber attacks in the next 12 months. This is evidence of how cybersecurity remains a top concern for organizations and corporations.

Based on the cyber security statistics, cybercrime has been increasing annually since the start of tallying. This is no surprise because according to the findings of the 2020 IDG survey, roughly 80% of IT leaders feel a lack of security against cyberattacks despite increasing investments in IT security.

It’s common knowledge that cyber threats exist, but it’s better to be aware of the cybersecurity trends 2022 will bring and will possibly stay for the coming years.

Rise of Remote Work Risks

The pandemic led to changes in the work setup which introduced organizations to the remote setup. With this transition to remote setup, convenience is a key player but so is cybersecurity attacks.

Based on the 2020 Ponemon Institute report, 71% of the surveyed organizations are concerned about data breaches due to remote workers’ physical security practices. You can’t monitor employees as they log into their respective devices. This leaves cybercriminals with a chance to target remote workers and attack attempts via email, text, and third-party applications.

Mitigate the risks associated with remote work by investing in information security services and proprietary tools. ClearGRC is one of the security subsidiaries which offers monitoring of Enterprise and IT risks by providing a centralized process. With the Compliance feature of. ClearGRC, you can conduct control and manage self-assessments in specific industries and geographic locations. This will aid you and your remote workers in keeping a safe and effective management ecosystem.

Data Privacy Expectations

Since organizations are moving towards digitization, sensitive information and files are stored on digital platforms. An average of 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected in different organizations based on the 2019 Global Data Risk Report. This is a small percentage and with this statistic, data privacy will surely be a growing concern.

Regardless of the type of data you are handling, may it be consumer or company information, it is a must to implement proper security techniques to protect your data. Some cybersecurity-related trends to this are data encryption, password protection, and network security.

ClearGRC offers a Document Library where you and your employees can securely access, classify, group, and create versions of all the documents. In addition to this, it has a Control Management feature where you can create dashboards to ensure that your files, standards, and frameworks are aligned.

Increase in Social Engineering Attacks

One of the major issues for many organizations is the shortage of cybersecurity skills. Organizations are having a hard time recruiting cybersecurity professionals with over 76% percent of security professionals saying it is difficult based on the report of ESG Global & ISSA.

To help minimize the risks of social engineering attacks, you must find a tailor-made line of defense for your company. This may only be done through a series of assessments. ClearGRC can help with the identification and treatment of risks within the realm of your organization through its Risk Register and Risk Assessment features. Risk Register lets you collect and manage all identified risks from one place. It will be easy for you and your employees to monitor all risks and easily treat them. The Risk Assessment feature is focused on examining the trends of identified threats and vulnerabilities which can be customized for your organization.

Adoption of Cloud Services

One of the emerging trends in cybersecurity is adopting cloud-based services. The applications and tools are all virtual and you do not have to do any prior testing. This poses another entrance for cybercriminals which makes you question what to do with a computer science degree if you can’t test and monitor your subscriptions to SaaS, TaaS, and others.


For such matters, 2022 cybersecurity offers a wide array of services available in the market. ClearGRC is one of the existing solutions that could aid through its monitoring which happens on a continuous basis.


Elevation of IoT with 5G networks

5G architecture is one of the top trends in cybersecurity and will surely develop in the coming years. According to the forecast of Mckinsey, capital expenditures for 5G would increase 60 percent from 2020 through 2025. With the interest of many companies in upgrading to 5G networks, company operations will transition towards the Internet of Things (IoT).


5G architecture is relatively new in the industry which can be tricky to protect from attacks or any unknown bugs. ClearGRC offers meticulous treatment of risk based on thorough analysis using its Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment features. Compared to other solutions, ClearGRC is a step ahead as it provides an overview of risks through risk heat maps.

To jump in the Cybersecurity Trends or not?

As you upscale and adopt new technologies or trends, remember that managing vulnerabilities can be quite challenging if you do not have tools that are tailored to the specific threats and risks that your organization is facing. Look for solutions that include diligent assessment of your company.


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