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Strengthening Digital Defenses

Security Architecture Reviews (Network & Application)

Beyond the Firewall Boundaries

Strengthen your business security with our comprehensive security architecture review. We check how well your security setup works with a configuration and architecture review. It's a detailed look at different security aspects to find and fix risks, making overall security stronger.

Assess Cyber Risks

Assess Cyber Risks

Assess Security

Assess Security

Test Controls

Test Controls

Apply Threat Intelligence

Apply Threat Intelligence

Network Architecture Review Methodology

Data Collection Strategies

We gather network information by reviewing documents like network architecture and security requirements. Then we conduct interviews with key personnel to validate and supplement the obtained data.

Uncovering Insights

Our thorough analysis examines networks and the acquired information, ensuring alignment with pertinent standards, laws, regulations, and current security best practices specific to their context.

Guiding Actions

We'll present a comprehensive report, detailing network enhancements and technological changes, fostering collaborative and informed decision-making during the team discussion session.

Deliverable Services

Comprehensive Testing and Reporting

Identifying vulnerabilities and key areas of exploitation is crucial, but equally vital is conveying this information clearly. Following each assessment service, we provide an electronic report containing details about assessed security controls and a thorough analysis of areas requiring attention for optimal security.

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Application Architecture Review Methodology

High-Risk Identification

Our specialists analyze the attack surface and entry points of the application to identify and assess the corresponding threats for each.

Threat Analysis Insights

Identify flaws, get recommendations for secure architecture, address multiple threats with each change, and document trade-offs for informed decisions.

Security Recommendations

After pinpointing weaknesses, we gather insights for targeted threat mitigation, tailoring solutions to your environment and objectives for actionable changes.

Unlocking Values

Dive into the advantages of our Application Security Architecture Review, unlocking enhanced security, cost efficiency, and informed decision-making for your applications.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Strategic Decision-Making