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Information Security Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

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About Us

Your trusted cybersecurity partner since 2017, securing businesses with comprehensive services against digital threats.

As a specialized infosec firm, we excel in secure software development, IT architecture, infrastructure design, digital transformation, and ISO 27001-certified services, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Our Approach To Security

IT protection is an incentive for employee engagement, and we provide support for organizations facing IT skills gaps, staff training challenges, and evolving regulatory issues.


Our proactive strategy deploys advanced technologies and protocols to continuously scan and neutralize potential threats, ensuring a robust shield for your systems against emerging risks.


Our approach involves implementing comprehensive security measures, combining cutting-edge tools and proactive monitoring to fortify your digital environment.


Prioritizing resilience, we develop response plans and leverage adaptive technologies to ensure your systems can recover and maintain operational integrity in the face of unforeseen security.



Our agile security methodology combines flexibility and robustness, allowing for swift adaptation to emerging threats while maintaining a resilient defense posture to safeguard your digital assets.

Elevate Your Experience with Our Exceptional Offerings

Unlock a world of possibilities with our cutting-edge services, tailored to fortify your digital landscape and propel your success in the cybersecurity realm

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Fortify your defenses with our Vulnerability Assessment services, ensuring a proactive approach to identify and address potential security weaknesses.

  • Red Teaming

    Elevate your security posture with our Red Teaming services, simulating real-world cyber threats to comprehensively assess and fortify your organization's defenses.

  • Penetration Testing

    Strengthen your security stance through our Penetration Testing services, revealing vulnerabilities and fortifying your systems against potential cyber threats.

  • Network Visibility Assessment

    Enhance your comprehensive insights for your network infrastructure to optimize performance, identify potential vulnerabilities, and strengthen overall security.

  • Social Engineering

    Enhance your security resilience with our services, designed to assess and fortify your organization's defenses against human-centric threats.

  • Attack Surface Assessment

    Optimize your security strategy meticulously examining and fortifying your digital footprint to minimize vulnerabilities and enhance overall cybersecurity resilience.

Demystifying IT GRC

Navigating the Path to Comprehensive IT Excellence and Compliance and Beyond

ClearGRC helps you with Policy and Process Reviews, Exception Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Internal Control maintenance, Assessments, Notifications, Reminders, and Reports. For every known pain we built a simple feature that makes the job easier and far more professional.

ClearGRC provides a centralized process to identify, assess, respond to, and continuously monitor Enterprise and IT risks that may negatively impact business operations.

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Build and enhance IT governance, Enterprise & IT risk management processes with strategies & roadmaps, effective policy management, operations and regulatory risk management processes

  • Standards, Frameworks & Benchmarks (ISO 27001; PCI DSS; CIS CSC; NYDFS; HIPAA; GDPR; NIST 800-53; SOC2, COBIT5; etc.)
  • IT Policy Management
  • IT Process Management
  • Cyber Regulatory Requirements
  • Organization structure
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Reduce time with requirements, assess risks and eliminate time-wasting data entry with a regulatory content knowledge base with requirements pre-mapped to frameworks and controls to help assess risk

  • Risk Register
  • Risk Assessments
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  •  IT Controls Management
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Setup, Enhance and manage an effective regulatory compliance management ecosystem to manage multiple regulatory requirements (industry specific and geography specific) within an organization

  • Control Self-Assessment
  • Certification Assistance
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Audits can help to integrate governance, risk and control considerations throughout the automation program life cycle as an organization establishes and implements its program.

Audits act as catalyst for the organization to capitalize on intelligent automation innovations to increase the efficacy of its own activities.

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Information Assurance Services

Elevate your organization's security with our Information Assurance suite. Our tailored risk assessments identify vulnerabilities, robust policy development ensures compliance, incident response guarantees rapid resolution, and continuous monitoring provides ongoing protection. Experience a holistic approach to safeguarding your valuable assets.

Clear Infosec’s CISO program will help you manage your security needs. We have certified and experienced personnel who could do much more than a CISO.

CISO As A Service

We have a robust and customizable cloud protection plan. With our certified security experts, stay in line with the strategic and organizational priorities.

Cloud Security

Our Threat Intelligence services are customized specifically to the industry and customer on a pre agreed upon modulation to ensure a successful Threat Intelligence program.

Threat Intelligence

Empower your team with our Security Awareness Training for a vigilant and resilient defense against cyber threats. Ensure a security-conscious workplace.

Security Awareness Training

Voices of Trust

Clients Share Their Clear InfoSec Experience

Clear Infosec has set the bar for security. The services and products integrate seamlessly with our businesses processes to provide a holistic secure environment.


An International Bank

Information Security Officer

Clear InfoSec quickly grasped our organization's nuances, adapting scanning schedules and offering invaluable support for compliance, showcasing a responsive and knowledgeable team.


A Leading Law firm


Working with the staff at Clear Infosec is always a pleasure. They helped us write policies that we never had, did intrusion testing and a vulnerability assessment. We are more secure because of the work they do for us.


A Leading Managed IT Service Provider

IT Manager