Ensuring restoration of your business with minimal operational impact. 

The threat of cyber incidents is the new haunting issue for enterprises. Unfortunately, organizations are not proactive enough in their information security efforts until they have been breached. Clear Infosec has unique and proven approach in addressing and managing the most adversary cyber-attacks. We help in resolving the incident, recovery and remediation starting from day one through timely and strategic response to security incidents. We help in faster restoration of your business operations with minimal operational impact. Our Incident response services reduces recovery time, costs and damage.

When an organization discovers a data breach, all they need is a partner with experience in investigating and responding to the adversary breaches in the most sophisticated approach with faster recovery and minimal impact and also in line with all the statutes.

When an incident occurs, we respond to that incident with a customized approach. We compliment your existing process and procedures with our expertise on forensics to detect the root cause for the incident. Our proven methodology provides a faster and effective response strategy. Clear Infosec believes in supporting through the entire cycle of remediation and recovery. This includes all the support in technical consultation.

Our approach for Incident Response follows NIST SP 800-61, ISO 27035 Standards and SANS Institute Incident Response Methodology. For More details on our methodology and Incident Response Services please chat with our Security Specialist for Customized Quote for Threat Intelligence Services.