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Endpoint Security

Manage, monitor and secure all your endpoints

innovates faster than your adversaries

Vulnerability assessment

We discover and neutralize potential threats and proactively help report such vulnerabilities in line with compliance.

Adaptive Attack Protection

Higher scalability and enhanced security for Windows and Mac platforms. Supports Linux-based systems as well.

Critical Attack Warning

Proactive scanning of installed applications to detect unforeseen vulnerabilities and reduce unauthorized installations.

Threat Exposure Reduction

Web protection, filtering, application and peripheral control, reducing your attack surface and blocking common attack vectors.

Web Protection

We block access to phishing and malicious sites by analyzing files, web pages, and IP addresses. We are powered by threat intelligence from and real-time intelligence.

Synchronized Security

We share status and health information to provide additional visibility into threats and application usage and isolate compromised devices automatically.

Key Benefits

Safeguard your data effortlessly with TotalGuard Security and ensure compliance readiness

Integrated Shield

360-degree data security for businesses of all sizes. Comprehensive endpoint and data protection in one integrated solution

Centralized Security

Simplified and centralized patch management strategy for higher productivity and robust security.

Secure Shield

Advanced endpoint protection with antivirus, intrusion detection, firewall and more.


Competitive security enhancements to meet enterprise’s compliance needs.


offering advanced endpoint protection features for total defense against cyber threats.

Endpoint Threat Hunting

We detect hidden attacks based on the hashes provided by a user and helps hunt them down before they cause any harm to the system.

Automated Search

Integrates with server for Threat Feeds. These File Hashes will be searched regularly (daily/weekly).

High Availability

We ensure uninterrupted user access to services, applications, and data even during hardware failures and software glitches, thus minimizing the system’s downtime.

Safeguarding your business has never been simpler with our leading-edge solutions

Ensuring complete protection is now effortlessly attainable. Explore our top-rated solutions tailored for your business.