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Improve security by identifying the weaknesses in your organization.

Clear InfoSec can help you identify, classify, prioritize and eventually eliminate the exposures and weaknesses in your organization and compliment your cybersecurity operations. The motive of Vulnerability Assessment is to understand, analyze and prioritize the security exposures within your organization and helping in decision making about adding defensive or preventive layers to remediate the vulnerabilities and have Secure IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment provides a clear and in-depth understanding of how vulnerable; your Network, Servers, Applications, Systems, Hardware and other IT infrastructure are to attacks before a malicious threat vector exposes vulnerability in enterprise system. We provide a proactive methodology to secure your assets. Unveil the hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s people, process and technology through our vulnerability assessment service. Vulnerability Assessments helps shifting the approach of organization from being reactive to threats, to being proactive in unveiling the known vulnerabilities.

A Vulnerability Assessment informs organizations on the weaknesses present in their environment and provides direction on how to reduce the risk those weaknesses cause. The vulnerability assessment process helps to reduce the chances an attacker is able to breach an organization’s IT systems – yielding a better understanding of assets, their vulnerabilities, and the overall risk to an organization.

Through our Vulnerability Assessments, we help organizations in evaluating if the organization is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities. The results of Vulnerability Assessments will help in providing a more detailed and actionable information. Vulnerability Assessments not only helps in analyzing the weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, but also helps in identifying the loopholes in your security defenses and provides an overall picture of your security posture. There are several types of Vulnerability Assessments, these include Host, Network, Wireless, Database, and Application Assessments.

Key Advantages of Performing Vulnerability Assessments:

  1. Identify known Security Exposures before attackers find them.
  2. Maintaining an inventory of all the nodes on the network, including the purpose and configuration details.
  3. Maintaining an inventory of all devices and managing patches and planning upgrades periodically.
  4. Defining the level of inherent risk and residual risk existing within the organization.
  5. Optimizing security investments

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