A good vulnerability assessment can save you from being in the next headline

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Of data breaches recorded were because of unpatched Vulnerabilities
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Of total vulnerabilities recorded in 2020 were high severity
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Of increase in cybercrimes since the beginning of global pandemic

Find your weakness, Know your systems Understand your risks


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Clear InfoSec can help you identify, classify, prioritize, and eventually eliminate the exposures and weaknesses in your organization and compliment your cybersecurity operations. Our vulnerability assessments perform scan audits across internal and external network devices, servers, applications databases, and other assets that are hosted in both On-Prem and Cloud environments.

1.Expert testers

2.Advanced & Intelligent scanning

3.Identify & Prioritize assets

4.Risk classification & Remediation

Vulnerability Assessments Methodology

Clear Infosec Vulnerability Assessments

  • Network Scanning
  • Endpoint scanning
  • Applications scanning
  • Cloud-hosted or on-prem servers scanning

Why performing VA is important ?

Vulnerability assessments enables you to identify your vulnerabilities before they are exploited is crucial in today’s connected world. Find them before someone bad does.

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Key Features

Clear Infosec provides a comprehensive vulnerability scan with the best team capable of handling leading technology plus high industry knowledge, to scan and report vulnerabilities for all your assets. With a strong understanding about the threat landscape and offensive techniques for of attackers, Clear Infosec Vulnerability Assessments stands unique by giving you the confidence and power you need to stand ahead of the emerging vulnerabilities and varying vulnerability landscape.

  • Experts on hand and fully managed support
  • Regular Vulnerability scans
  • Maintain inventory for assets, their configurations, patch management and upgrades
  • Recommendations and effectiveness for remediation
  • Optimize security investments
  • Define the level of inherent risk and residual risk

Affordable Vulnerability Assessment Services

Professional Penetration Testing

A strong Vulnerability Management Program is a core strategy every organization should have. It is never a “nice-to-have” option but a “must-have” thing. Many organizations are at different levels of cyber maturity journey. Many might be at the start are planning to start the journey. Wherever you are, we recommend vulnerability scanning at a regular interval and patching the critical ones immediately. 

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Clear Infosec partners with our clients to offer them with the best service they are in need of, with the most efficient tools available in the market. Our Vulnerability Assessment not only looks for unpatched systems, but checks for misconfigured systems, applications, unnecessary services and it even ensure that  your IT assets are compliant with policy and standards like:

PCI DSS    |    HIPAA    |    FISMA    |    DISA STIGs    |    GLBA   guidelines    |    OWASP    |    NIST

One-time scans

We understand that many organizations just wanted to test all their assets but once. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Clear Infosec got you covered with a highly skilled security professionals and efficient tools needed to serve the purpose.

Regular recurring scans

Many organizations will be at a higher cyber maturity level and want to do regular recurring scans, as they can be highly effective and helpful to find and patch the vulnerabilities right away. Clear Infosec can help you with setting up recurring vulnerability assessments

Dedicated scanning

Situations might come up when some of the organizations wants to test just any of one or two of their assets like, the Internal networks, External networks, applications, etc. Well, Clear infosec still got your back and you can always count on our team.

Vulnerability Assessments Vs Penetration Test


These terms are mostly used inter changeably but defines different services. Vulnerability assessments helps you in finding and recording all your weakness. Penetration testing helps you in analysing each of your vulnerability found by every way to exploiting them. But legally and with permission.

To make maximum out of your vulnerability Management program, Vulnerability assessments and Penetration testing should be carried out together. One without the other is always incomplete.

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