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Enlighten your Employees with Information Security Knowledge

Human resources are the weakest link in information security, as they are prone to cyber-attacks and are vulnerable to deceptive techniques of well-orchestrated social engineering attack. Most cyberattacks begin with simple social engineering technique as cyber criminals are expert social engineers. Organizations spend a lot on securing their technology and business processes but always tend to overlook the human factor. If you have a security aware workforce half the work to secure your information is done. This is because all technical controls and business process are implemented, executed and monitored by/through employees and if your employees are not trained or are not security aware there are chances that these controls would fail.  

A Well-informed workforce would not only conform to security controls in place but also prevent such attacks from happening in future. Thus, well trained and informed employees could be strong assets to an organization. The reason why employees are not informed is due to lack of an effective security training and education. The importance of security at all levels of an organization must be communicated to employees. Sometimes employees think that the role they are in is not significant enough to cause any harm to the organization and tend to circumvent/bypass security controls in place.  

Often employees tend to overlook a security threat (clicking phishing email links and opening attachments) , they dismiss it thinking it is unimportant during their day to day activities (not changing passwords regularly, locking the system while they are away) , sometimes even rely on someone else to fulfill their personal responsibility for security (log-in in with colleagues password, swipe in access card for colleague), some even think it is too technical for them to understand (using VPN, using multi-factor authentication/keys). Organizations should study the behavior of its employees and train them accordingly based on their specific needs, so that would not break the link but make it stronger. The information security program in an organization should create a Security aware culture. 

We educate your employees on your policies and procedures pertaining to Information Technology and information security. Our mature security awareness training effectively builds a strong security culture in your organization going beyond compliance. The main objective of our interactive training is to change behavior and emphasize the essential role every employee play in strengthening the organization against security breach. The security awareness training is customized by understanding your organization’s need, culture and structured according to the employee’s role so that it is relevant to their work and implement security at workplace in an efficient manner.