Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social engineering is all about exploiting human interactions and interpersonal trust to gain access into your organization. Trust is the key to conduct business and to maintain relationships with people. Employees must be trusted to do the right thing if the business is to operate effectively. Cyber criminals take advantage of this trust-based relationships and deliberately try to gain access to information directly from employees. If an organization’s workforce is not security aware then it could cost the organization dearly. A single breach could cost billion dollars in fines & penalties, reputation and the trust of the clients that they do business with. Organizations invest a tremendous amount of money and resources into securing technology, but little if anything into securing their employees and staff. Social Engineering is at the root of many major breaches to information systems. Relying heavily on technical or physical controls will not be productive if your employees are not aware, informed and trained. As a result, people, not technology, have become the weakest link in cybersecurity.

Our social engineering program is a robust and tailor made to help you understand your strengths and ability to fight back against cybercriminals using social engineering techniques. We partner with our clients, understand their business models and design a social engineering program that well suits their business environments. Our Social Engineering test is like penetration test to your workforce, where we try to uniquely identify the common weakness across the organization’s workforce and provide a report with recommendations. The program would be a real social engineering attack which might include a combination of different social engineering tools targeting your employees at different levels within your organization. At the end of every social engineering test we provide a detailed report on each technique used and employee behavior in each technique.


It attempts to trick users into giving up sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as username, password or credit card details by opening an attachment or clicking a malicious link that may install malware on user system. Emails claim to be from a legitimate site luring victims and breaking defenses of the organization. Start Phishing your employees with our phishing test and know what percentage of your employees are prone to phishing attacks.

Spear Phishing

It is form of targeted phishing attack to a specific group of users such as employees within specific organization. The email may appear to originate from colleague within the organization or from external source and penetrate into the organization evading all defenses in place. See how well your employees defend your network with our phishing security test.


Attackers launch this type of attacks using instant messaging (IM) and VOIP. A common attack uses an automated call to user tricking the victim to reveal confidential information like credit card detail. Test your employees with a simulated voice attack over phone to check the most important defensive link of your organization.

Quid Pro Quo and Baiting

This type of attack promises some things to entice the victims. The natural curiosity is also exploited by use of physical device like USB containing a malicious file infecting victim’s computer and eventually whole network is compromised by attacker. Check how vulnerable are your employees to baiting attack by utilizing our baiting test.

All it takes for one person at your company to click or open an email attachment for a successful full-scale attack to get launched in your network.

As the landscape of cyberthreats continues to grow, our need to re-evaluate and reinforce our defensive efforts does too. Effective security begins with making your employee strongest defense vector.

We provide a patch for this by conducting phishing security test which is effective to reduce unintentional actions and threats. This is a continuous and interactive process, to assess your employees, which leads to comprehensive reporting and analyzing the progress of the training.

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