Why Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service can be a Value addition for you

Why Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service can be a Value addition for you

What is a SOC?

A SOC is a centralized unit or commanding center for your association’s network safety requirements. It is a setup that works 24/7 with cybersecurity specialists to screen your security act and identify unexpected/ potential dangers.

The main purpose of the SOC is to monitor the organization’s security by centralizing all cybersecurity operations continuously. By centralizing and continuous monitoring, SOC can analyze, prevent, reason, detect and dampen cybersecurity problems.

Since it centralized all the cybersecurity operations, it removes the vulnerability of numerous IT security specialists in various areas. It additionally ensures that all working strategies are being completed accurately continuously in real-time.

The SOC analysts work closely with the organization’s incident response team to eradicate any threat identified as soon as possible.

SOC mainly collects numerous logs and categorizes them by security information and event management systems (SIEMs). By proper analysis and interpretation, threats are monitored closely. Proper report generation and detection lead to prevent any cybersecurity incidents.

Advantages of SOC

  • Reduces the dwell time of the attack.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Faster incident response and isolation of the threat
  • Manage a large number of logs and storage
  • Reduce the false positives.
  • Increased productivity due to fewer security issues.

Why SOC as a service?

With the growing trend of cyberattacks in recent years, soc is an important asset in any organization. Although having SOC is highly essential, financially, it is very tedious to start SOC from scratch. Not only expensive to create a high-level SOC team is also time-consuming. 

Maintaining is also very costly as it needs a constant upgrade of equipment and software. And these are only for systems and not for professionals. Employing cybersecurity experts, in the long run, may affect financially than starting a SOC unit. Even if we are willing to tolerate the costs for experts in their respective fields, the industry experts firmly predict that demand for these posts will be very high, and qualified officers are not enough to fill the space available for that position.

For all these purposes, many companies are contemplating outsourcing security services, SOC as a service. Since the SOC provider has already implemented their own team, the organization can start using the SOC as soon as the service is acquired. It should be noted the initial implementation of costs is very high and risky, and these factors can be avoided by taking SOC service.

The provider will have a necessary professional to monitor the systems for security issues with updated hardware and software. The provider can also guide the staff members to regulate the required patches to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended to prevent the attack before it happens rather than mitigate it after the attack.

So, instead of creating a highly effective SOC from the start, using SOC as a service from a provider will take responsibility for monitoring the defence required to protect against threats and vulnerabilities all around the time.