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ClearGRC helps organization to manage IT GRC in an efficient way. Over the years, we have been recognized with several awards from different events and the awards are listed below. These accomplishments reflect what our product can do and the skills of our developers in making it evolve over the time. 



is one of the top 500 IT Management Software products.

IT Management Software is a suite of systems that help companies utilize technology resources, optimize staff and enforce best practices, secure their data, and improve the quality of their services. Rather than simply installing and maintaining a program, IT management helps companies use technology to achieve their business goals, build and transform their own applications, and tweak software until it meets their most specific needs.

Demystify your IT GRC

Governance Programs

ClearGRC empowers strategic alignment of various management and operations with business objectives, initiatives, strategies, regulatory requirements, and local laws. You can also use it for effectively evaluating and governing the company’s vision, mission, objectives, goals, and strategies. Furthermore, the system covers the entirety of the Policy Life Cycle Management, allowing the users to effectively review, approve, retire, and manage the process of policy management.

Risk Management

ClearGRC offers tools to quickly and accurately detect, analyze, assess, and handle all the complex risks that exist and evolve within the organization. Some of the notable tools for risk management include illustrative dashboards that support objective decision-making, integrated or self-defined methodologies for better risk analysis and assessment, a built-in threat and vulnerability library, and risk monitors that show how threat evolves. Treat risks efficiently with ClearGRC.

Compliance tools

The platform provides all the tools to monitor, mature, and manage compliance programs by delegating policy, risk, certification, process, and regulatory-based assessments. ClearGRC also offers a complete view of the organization’s compliance by breaking down standards for connecting and centralizing controls and lining up controls with the risks and requirements. It also offers built-in frameworks and standards for different compliance requirements such as HIPAA, SOC, PCI, ISO, COBIT, and GDPR.

Governance Tools

Risk Management

Asset Management

Document Library

Compliance management

Third-Party Management

Exceptions Management

Risk Assessments & Treatments

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