Prepare your organization for a real-world attack With Adversary Simulation

Find out misconfigured security tools

Find out misconfigured security tools

Identify weak Detection and Response policies

Identify weak Detection and Response policies

Lack of cyber awareness among employees

Lack of cyber awareness among employees

Adversary Simulation Test Benefits

Evaluate your attack response

Test your technology and people to check the effectiveness of your response plan

Find hidden vulnerabilities

Learn about the hidden vulnerabilities you have in your infrastructure and workforce

Identify and analyze security risks

See how easily your assets and workforce can be manipulated and classify them

Manage found exposures

Treat the critical vulnerabilities found and mitigate the risk of having a real attack

Enhance security controls

With various targeted attack simulations, we help you set up the controls and address gaps

Utilize budget Efficiently

Understand your weakness with and invest in what needs to be done immediately

Why Adversary Simulation is important

Even organizations with robust security controls and procedures may not be able to detect and contain a breach in a timely manner. Until and unless you are faced with a real-world attack, you would not know that.

With Clear Infosec, find and fill gaps in your response team, controls, and processes to minimize the damage when a breach occurs.

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Objectives of Adversary Simulation

With Clear Infosec, put your controls and teams to the test. We test the interaction between your people, processes, and technologies. Test all your controls and see for yourself that it does what you exactly want it to do. With the best team of security experts, we enable you to strengthen your security posture.

  1. Gaining access to a secure environment that contains sensitive information
  2. Gaining control of the device(s) or a piece of equipment
  3. Compromising account credentials of an authoritative person
  4. Obtaining access to the servers
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Our Approach

Social Engineering

Customized phishing, vishing, Quid pro quo & baiting, and physical tricks to test your workforce. Our team of highly skilled attackers tries out every possible way to penetrate your workforce to get our hands on the sensitive systems.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify and prioritize existing vulnerabilities and start remediating the exposed ones. Our vulnerability assessments perform scan audits across internal and external network devices, servers, applications databases, and other assets that are hosted in both On-Prem and Cloud environments.

Penetration Testing

Test your applications, networks, and hardware to uncover and fix vulnerabilities. Find the

vulnerabilities that can be exploited and figure out the security posture of your company. Build confidence with Clear Infosec Penetration Testing

Fortify your systems like never before

Breaches can still happen no matter how strong you think your security systems are. We also have a forensic investigation unit deployed for activities including data breach analysis and data discovery. Give us a call today to find out how you can improve your cyber security posture and infosec approach.

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