Enhance your security defenses and be prepared with deeper visibility into the Threat Landscape

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Services from Clear Infosec integrates the expertise of automated scans, security testing, incident response and end point protection services to analyze the risk exposure and effectiveness of security controls.

Our Threat Intelligence Services are customized specifically to the industry and customer on a pre agreed upon modulation to ensure a successful Threat Intelligence program. We help organizations by researching specific adversaries related to your specific industry and supports by using adversary methods to improve the detective and preventive mechanism.

One Size does not fit all, we offer proactive services that addresses the threats specifically to your organization, by ensuring the best protection to all of your business-critical assets. Understanding who is behind the attack and learning about their approach will help in deploying proactive countermeasures.

Keep ahead of emerging attacks, Zero Day vulnerabilities, and breaches involving data of your employees. Outsmart the attackers with updates on current and new threats, new adversary activities, and techniques that the attackers use. Learn how to identify and stop most persistent attacks. Ensuring informed and security risk management decisions by having a deep and thorough understanding of global threat landscape. Our services focus on customized approach with strategic planning, continuous communications, technical support, threat updates and skilled workforce to implement a risk and intelligence driven information security program.

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